A night with Full Tilt Kabaret is a form of immersive hosting, where the audience becomes an integral part of the new world of the show of the night. We, as the hosts, will both serve and entertain. We will woo them into a night of never-ending surprise, fun and joy.

Full Tilt is well-versed in the art of embracing every single member of an audience and enticing them to give into the world of the evening, be it through a wild political comedy or through a magical rendition of a story line and its characters, with music and dance.

Presently, we have five new shows in our next season, all guaranteed to launch your guests into an evening of special hosting, within an atmosphere of endless laughter, delight and surprises along with good food specially chosen to further satiate their appetites for a wonderful night out.

Known for its delivery of outstandingly innovative and creative pieces, Full Tilt Theatre Company’s Kabaret never fails to surprise.

The market for this kind of live performance has been tried and proven in conjunction with three other companies of which some of us have been a part, operating in Australia, United Kingdom and the USA and Canada.